There is a Leader in Everyone!

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'This Country is Amazing.  There are Very Few Countries in the World that are like America.  The Opportunity that Each of Us Have in a Country Like This is Almost Beyond Description.  We are in a Very Very Small Minority of People Who are Lucky Enough - Regardless of OUR Background, Where We Came From,  Whichever State We Live In, Whatever OUR Family Means Are - We are Lucky Enough to BE in This Country.  America is a Remarkable Place.' 

- A Decent Man

'I am Not the Ghost You Want of Me' - Nemus Outis


#1 Competence

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For Each of US to Be a Leader, Each of US are Going to have to Be Competent.    WE are Building the Building Blocks of Competence Together Right Here in this Community.  Right Now.  We Should Always Remain Open Minded.  Critical Thinking is of the Utmost Importance.  

Critical Thinking is Fundamental in Whatever Walk of Life OUR Path Takes US.

- A Decent Man


#2 Commitment

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If WE are Going to Be a Leader in Life - And ALL of US Reading This WILL Be Leaders - WE Have Got to Be Fully Committed to the Cause for which WE Serve.  No Matter What It Is.  No Matter What Walk of Life - WE Have to Be 'All In.'

Just as WE are 'All In' on the Athletic Fields or the Job Site; Whether WE are in Student Government or Raising a Family.  It Does Not Matter - WE Have to Be 'All In.' 

WE Have to BE Genuine Leaders.

- A Decent Man


#3 Courage

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Next is Courage.  Each One of Us are Going to Be Faced, in a Variety of Situations Throughout Our Life, with Not Only Physical Courage, But Much MORE Importantly - Moral Courage.

And You are Going to Have to STAND UP When Others Would Not.  And 'Speak Truth to Power.'  You are Going to Have to Stand There - On the Logic and the Merit of the Case - and Tell the TRUTH to People Who May or May Not Want to Ever Hear It.  And THAT Takes an Enormous Amount of Moral Courage.  You Will Have to Have a Spine Like Titanium Steel that you Never Met.

WE are Going to Learn That Here - TOGETHER.  And WE Will Continue to Develop that Throughout Life.

Our Integrity is a Character Trait that is Fundamental to ANY Leader - It is Moral Courage.

- A Decent Man


#4 Compassion

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Then WE All Must Have Compassion.  We Live in a Great Country.  And WE Must Never Forget That We Put Our Socks and Shoes on Like Everybody Else.  

WE Must Have a Deep Sense of Humility about Ourselves.  Be Not Arrogant.  Be Not Hung Up On the FACT that We Live in the Greatest Country on Earth.  Have a Deep Sense of Humility About Ourselves, Who WE Are, And Where WE Are.  And Have a Deep Deep Sense of Compassion for Others that Are Less Fortunate than US.

It was Only by the Grace of God That We Were Born in America - And Not a Place Where Life is Not Quite as Good.  Have Compassion for Others that are Out there and Less Fortunate than Us - Dedicate Yourselves to Serving THEM.

- A Decent Man


#5 Character 

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And Lastly is Our Character.  Our Character Matters.

At the End of the Day, In the Dark of the Night, When No One is Around Us, And Things are Not Going So Well - It Will Be Our Character that Hold Us Together. 

It Is Our Character That Will Distinguish Us As a Leader or Not.

- A Decent Man


There is a Leader in Everyone!

Spread the Word!

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- Alone I am No One - Together WE are America!

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