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'I' Created this Site Out of Necessity.  Necessity for OUR Future Children.  Necessity for OUR America!

I am not an Activist.  I Couldn’t NOT BEAR to Think of Becoming a Politician.  I am a Just a Simple, Quiet, Concerned Citizen - Who Speaks Up When Something Needs to be Said.   I’m am Just Learning the Ins and Outs of Twitter Analytics and Trending and Not Getting Censored yada yada (Not Going so too too well for me so far BTW…)



Ready - Here's the Ask: 

Do You Want to Experience FIRST HAND Just How Fast UNITY Works in This Country?  Currently I am a ‘1-Citizen’ Show; and ‘They’ may Not Appreciate This (which excites me):  *But I Humbly ask that EACH of YOU TWEET *OUR* Link Out With the Hashtag:




Alone I am No One.  Much Peace and Love,

    - Outis

​​ ***WAIT WAIT WAIT!  Holdddd Your Horses!!***

*YES! - The ‘Trucker Convoy’ May Use *OUR* Platform for Your DIRECT Needs!  Just Say THE WORD My Friends!!!  (To Emphasize: *This Site will *NEVER* Accept Monetary Funds - This is THE PEOPLES SITE - USE IT!)

Almost Forgot! — We Need Your Anonymous Stories for OUR Site!  WE Want to Know What YOU Have Been Going Through. LET'S SHARE OUR REAL EXPERIENCES in ‘American Format

ULTIMATELY - The Content for OUR Community WILL Be Provided By US!

  *OUR Community - FOREVER & ALWAYS!*

         ‘By the People and For the People!’

  •  Journal Thoughts, Video Entries - No Subject is OFF Limits!  Thank You - YOUR SERVICE HELPS EVEYONE...WE NEED TO STAY UNITED!   (

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(*Honestly - it is a Paperclip Right Now and Not Quite Sure Why Yet - it works.. on Mobil at Least. Kindly send a message if you know what’s up here!  Thanks Team!!

*PSSSTTT…  Take the JOURNEY AGAIN!!!! …. 
1.) Choose ANY One of the 6 Songs Here (Not My Content.. Full Credit to Owners and the Beautiful VOICES of the Phenomenal Artists!!)
2.). Play It (not loudly)… and Re-Read The HOME PAGE to Yourself - ONE MORE TIME!   3.) LISTEN to More Music THIS Week.  OUR Compass Corrects in Mysterious Ways ; )
     Trust Outis… But, I’m Not Kidding                              - It’s Gonna be EPIC!

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